The Cosmic Memory EP

I’m very pleased to present my latest EP project with Indigo Aera in The Netherlands. The Cosmic Memory EP consists of 3 tracks- two of which, produced in 1999, are timeless in sound and universal theme, being- Cosmic Memory- or, something you’ve always known. Something inherrent- like, you’re own freedom.

The 3rd track is a remix by none other than Mr. Marcel Dettmann, who I must thank for breathing new life into this music and bringing it to new ears.

The artwork is done by Daniel Hageman and his illustration depicts an Orca whale, which I find appropriate, given it’s role as the keeper of Cosmic Memory in mythology. More urgently, the Orca is a symbol of freedom’s struggle (considering its own struggles sharing this planet with us) and our need to better co-exist with nature.

Thanks to Jasper and Maarten at Indigo Aera and Delsin Records for all the support.

Thank you for listening. It means a lot to me.

A Special thank you to my old friend, who appears in my life every once in a while to remind me of myself…

Buy:  Delsin Records.

Listen: Soundcloud.


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