Sanderson Dear : Secret Garden

sdear-secret-gardenSanderson Dear helms Stasis Recordings up in Toronto, Canada. For the past several years, he’s been directing an international roster of like minded artists through personal EPs and remixing duties for a growing catalog of vinyl, CD and digital projects.

On Secret Garden, Sanderson Dear continues the trajectory set forth on his 2016 release Urban Mosaic (Stasis Recordings). It’s an insular world, optimistic with the foundational grooves and textures of classic Detroit, Chicago and London, that Dear mines with confidence. A stand out project from start to finish, the track Opaque Life is a singular example of the Toronto producer’s expert craft.

Secret Garden is available on the Fwdthought Music Bandcamp page.


The Cosmic Memory EP

I’m very pleased to present my latest EP project with Indigo Aera in The Netherlands. The Cosmic Memory EP consists of 3 tracks- two of which, produced in 1999, are timeless in sound and universal theme, being- Cosmic Memory- or, something you’ve always known. Something inherrent- like, you’re own freedom.

The 3rd track is a remix by none other than Mr. Marcel Dettmann, who I must thank for breathing new life into this music and bringing it to new ears.

The artwork is done by Daniel Hageman and his illustration depicts an Orca whale, which I find appropriate, given it’s role as the keeper of Cosmic Memory in mythology. More urgently, the Orca is a symbol of freedom’s struggle (considering its own struggles sharing this planet with us) and our need to better co-exist with nature.

Thanks to Jasper and Maarten at Indigo Aera and Delsin Records for all the support.

Thank you for listening. It means a lot to me.

A Special thank you to my old friend, who appears in my life every once in a while to remind me of myself…

Buy:  Delsin Records.

Listen: Soundcloud.

Out Now on Stasis Recordings

“Our Ambient Collection : Deux” is the new CD/ Digital release from the very versatile team of producers over at Stasis Recordings in Toronto, CA.

Expect one hour of drifting electronic textures, sparse percussion and subsonic bass. Chill-scape grooves for the coming winter months.

…and thank you Stasis, for including my track “Zoológico”.

Give it a spin and hit the buy button over on the Stasis Recordings Bandcamp page.

Chris Schubert : Autumnal Shift


Autumnal Shift consists of 5 Tracks in Chris Schubert’s flavor of surrealist, electronic music. This is Chris’ second release for Fwdthought Music after 2006′ “Pupil is The Black Hole in Brilliant Space”.

The entire cycle includes the single “Latespring” followed by the EP “Autumnal Shift” leading into the forthcoming “Autumnal Reshift” remixes by Sanderson Dear.

You can check out the full release and sound samples over on our Bandcamp page.